Mental Health Tip of the Week- March 25th Banish Negative Thinking

Did you know that we have over 70,000 thoughts a day, so if you are focused on negative thoughts or find that you think more pessimistically that is a lot of negative thoughts to have a day? When we think negatively frequently it creates a path for those negative thoughts in our brain, like a superhighway the more we travel it the busier it gets until it is completely full of traffic! This thinking pattern can create more and more feelings of despair, doubt, anger, sadness, and disappointment too.

1. Make a commitment that from this day forward that negative thoughts have no place and are not welcome in your head. Repeat this to yourself frequently throughout the day. Write it down someplace, display it.

2. Know that you can control this mind space, you have a choice to make it as pretty or as ugly as you want it to be.

3. Encourage yourself to have positive thoughts, flip things around, like this:

The negative thought is “Everything sucks”

The positive thought to replace that is “Most things in life are actually very nice and I am glad to be alive”

4. Do a gratitude journal- reinforce the positive thoughts by keeping track of three things everyday that you are thankful for, things like:

I am grateful to be alive today, I had control of my actions today, I reinforced positive thinking today.

5. Practice positive affirmations, say them out loud, be your own cheerleader, if you can’t think of any, please let me know and I can help you get started, but they are things like this:

I choose to be happy right now, I can and will be kind to myself, Today I will have growth, I am proud of myself, I am capable, I am worthy.

6. Be nice to yourself, treat yourself like you would treat a loved one, and be nice to others, even when you do not always feel like it, remember that others are struggling with life too, even though they may not outwardly show this.

7. Fake it until you make it- Things may not feel believable in the moment, it may feel like it is too much to do this, or you just are not sure how to do it…these are the justifications we tell ourselves to maintain this comfortable negative thought pattern, so you may have to fake it a bit until it feels real, feels like this is doable and you get comfort in doing these things.

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