Mental Health Tip of the Week April 8th How to Celebrate the Holidays in a Time of Uncertainty

Hopefully I can shed some light on some possibilities for celebrating the holidays while practicing some social distancing. Coming together in a traditional manner for celebrating holidays can be something that causes us some anxiety or stress as we are all concerned about the big group of family and friends being in one room together, so then how do you celebrate the holiday religiously with all services being cancelled, or how do we even find the things that we traditionally make for the holidays. Here are a few things that hopefully can help!

Think about what you would like to make for the holiday, get a list together and put that list together so you are going isle by isle as to minimize your time in the store, and then you can avoid certain isles all together if you do not need things from area. Also see if the store you are going to has the option to scan items as you go with an app on your phone, that way you can grab your items yourself, bag them and pay without having to have additional contact with others. Lastly see if you can order a pickup of items at a local grocery store to avoid going inside all together. Remember that if you do have to go inside the store only one person should go, practice the 6 feet rule, wear gloves, wear a face mask, and when you get home to wipe down all of your items with a disinfecting solution. Some folks are even changing clothes when they get home and showering.

Family is important for holiday traditions, even more so now than ever before. This may not feel like the most personal touch to things but it is doing what is best for everyone’s health so to get the family together think about using a video conferencing tool so that you can have multiple videos going at the same time for dinner or even before/after dinner. There are a lot of free video conferencing tool like, Google Meet, WhatsApp, GoToMeeting (14 day free trial), Zoom, Skype, and, once you have picked the platform that you are going to use, set up a time with family, have others install it and get everyone an invite for the teleconferencing room.

Religion is what the holiday events tend to be focused around, so even with your place of worship being closed, many are offering live streaming of services, so if this is a part of your tradition keep it in play and go to Facebook or the place of worships website to check for live streaming information. Some places are even offering services on the radio, some are doing services while you stay in your car and some have a drive through for things like communion and giving out palms.

4.Remember to give thanks by way of saying a gratitude to everyone that is participating in the holiday with you!

I hope that these tips make it so you can have a safe holiday with those that you care about 😊

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