Mental Health Tip of the Week- Feb. 19th Beating the Winter Blahs

It’s that feeling that your spirits are a little down, you have less energy than normally, and perhaps you even notice you are doing less activities. For some of you it is wintertime and lack of sunshine can really start to affect us mentally, we call this the winter blahs, right! Did you know if this is something that you experience every time there is a shift from warm weather to cooler weather is can also be known as seasonal affective disorder? Don’t fret there are things you can do to help these blah feelings that come on often with cold weather I have put together a list of some great things to do to help manage these melancholy feelings!

1. Make your environment brighter, consider opening those curtains to let in more sunshine (when it is out) and having lights on when it is darker that are Daylight or Sunlight Bulbs (these emit more white and blue light to mimic natural sunlight).

2. Hydrate your body more, use lotions for dry skin, but also increase your intake of good old H2O, the heat that your heat home with dries out your skin, but drinking more water will put that back from the inside out.

3. Simulate Dawn by using a light that gradually brightens over your room for a certain amount of time in the AM (you’d be amazed by you wake up differently with one of these).

4. Listen to upbeat music.

5. Exercise or add more movement to your day as this release good endorphins.

6. Eat a summertime meal, these tend to be lighter than what one eats in the wintertime too! Think leafy greens, fresh veggies, etc.

7. Get your Vitamin D levels checked, often when we are exposed to less sunlight these can go down and sometimes a doctor will recommend a supplement to help. Also, Vitamin D is great for immune health to help fight off all the winter colds. If you vaccinate get that flu shot too.

8. Try to leave the house every day.

9. If possible, leave for the morning or leave the office when it is light outside.

10. Limit alcohol intake as this a central nervous system depressant and can bring the blues out quickly.

11. Make plans with people in your support network and engage in activities that are fun for you

12. Use guided imagery to place yourself in a calming outside environment. I have attached a great one to this post too!

13. Cut down on your screen time, as this often goes up in the winter, due to a lack of doing other fun outdoor things.

14. Do self-care more regularly.

15. Plan a small vacation like a long weekend to get someplace that is warmer if you can.

This message is for all my subscribers I hope you can take something from this tip,

Enjoy 😊

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