Emotional Support Animal

Benefits of Having an Emotional Support Animal

People who have pets will be quick to tell you how much unconditional love and joy they receive from their furry friends. Because of these emotions and the consequential endorphins they release, many health professionals are acknowledging the benefits of having an emotional support animal.  


The animal itself can be any animal, but typically would be a bird, cat or dog. This can also be an animal that you already have, so you do not need to buy a new cat/dog for this purpose. More importantly, this is an animal that will provide the person emotional support when they are experiencing their own mental health need for emotional support. 


Research has shown that emotional support animals provide a comforting presence to those who suffer from a variety of mental health issues, which include anxiety, PTSD, depression, social shyness, stress-induced situations and more. 


Those with mental health issues are not the only ones that can benefit from having an emotional support animal. People who reside in nursing homes are noted to become more active when an emotional support animal is present in their daily routines and having an emotional support animal has scientifically been proven to decrease heart rates and increase the flow of oxytocin in the body. 


If you believe you could benefit from having an emotional support animal, then get on your computer and search ‘counseling near me’ or 'Emotional Support Animal'. A counselor can assess your need for an ESA and fill out the appropriate paperwork for you to present to your landlord or airline.


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